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Our group, led by Hippocrates the father of Clinical Medicine, embarked on a journey from Bucharest in the direction of the fourth destination on the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute, which is a vibrant and thrilling Melbourne which is the pulse for the Greek group in Australia. Alongside us were esteemed physicians and researchers, including Dr. Georgios Patoulis, the president of the International Institute of Greek Doctors and Regional Governor of Attica, and Dr. Konstantinos Pantos, the renowned scientist-pioneer of IVF along with Dr. Antonios Polydorou and Dr. George Antonakis. The journey led us all to the Hellenic Diaspora World Congress (HMSA)

. In the midst of the breathtaking backdrop of Melbourne We were ecstatic that we were invited to be a half of the Hellenic Centre beginning on the thirteenth to the sixteenth November. The members included the prestigious Hellenic Medical Society of Australia as well as The Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute. There was a palpable air of excitement prior to our arrival because of the gracious welcoming of the Greek group headed by the president Vassilis Papastergiadis. It was a pleasure to be greeted by the long flight from Athens Greece. We flew from Athens to Australia. However, our stay in Doha Airport in Qatar was the venue for this year’s soccer World Cup (as it was rather a long time). The excitement of the journey was evident and enjoyed upon arrival. We were warmly welcomed by the Greek individuals as well as the energetic vitality of the city

. In the very first moments of the arrival of our visitors and our arrival, we were reminded of the objective and enthusiasm that drives this non-stop crusade of the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute: to turn the next iteration to one that will retain the memory of our grandparents and knowledge alive. This global gathering featured presentations and interactive talks of scientific, medical and tutorial research-related topics, led by respected Australian and international researchers. These major collaborations and efforts were finally aimed at getting us to extra optimistic futures

. Patras, Athens and University of Melbourne came jointly with the intention of transforming the respective institutions to develop into an international centre of analysis to increase medical institutions across the world. The collaboration was declared with the signing of the agreement to provide assistance and opportunities to educate Greek students by embracing Hippocratic Medical Philosophy and Ethics. This momentous occasion was honored by Professor Marini as the President of Australia’s Hellenic Medical Association of Australia as well as Mr. Marios Themistocleous, Greece’s Secretary-General of Health

. A bust depicting Hippocrates was unveiled during the ceremony at Melbourne’s University Medical School. It was the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute championed this occasion as a beginning of an trade across the globe to set up a widespread philosophy that is dependent on Hippocratic Oath. This project, which Dr. Patoulis announced and Dr. Polydoros has confirmed, will be held in this summer season with the swearing-in of graduates from University of Melbourne, on the island of Kos

. Melbourne is the location for Melbourne will host the Doctors Hippocratic Institute. Its identify is ‘Hippocratic Values and Medicine. The city, which is dwelling to extra than 5 million residents is located in Victoria. It is the second largest metropolis in Australia following Sydney. The majority of the individuals are from outside the country, and a additional quarter are of Greek heritage. As a multicultural modern metropolitan city, it has huge blocks which form the district of company and are highlighted by numerous skyscrapers

. We can take a look at what we can learn

The future of healthcare is now upon us. Technology and collaboration is at the forefront of technological advancements in drugs. This is enabling for greater sufferer care. It’s only correct that this occasion took place at the metropolis of Melbourne, where Hippocrates’ legacy has been celebrated by means of the founding of the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute. The unveiling of the bust signifies our dedication to his philosophy of drugs and bodes well for the coming years, as we look in the direction of a spring when students graduating from Melbourne’s University of Melbourne will swear-in on the island of Kos and take his path. We are convinced in the future of sufferer care


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